The Art Of Embroidery Designs

Embroidery is an evergreen art. It involves the stitching of different things just as scenes, decorative

accents or pictures onto the cloth or other materials by using a needle and a thread or yarn. It can be

done either by hand or by machine. To create beautiful Embroidery Designs, the embroider must have

knowledge about the basic stitches. The art and creativity of embroidery is completely based upon the

stitches used. Each different stitch creates different and unique appearance of the Embroidery Designs.

The common types of the embroidery stitches includes chain stitch, satin stitch, cross stitch, buttonhole

stitch, straight stitch, back stitch, knotted stitches and the list goes on!


The Embroidery Designs are only limited by the imaginations. The versatility of embroidery leads itself

to various styles. No matter what, Embroidery Designs are the most important ingredients and they

have to be done with perfection. They look great on polos, hats, outerwear and anything that you can

think of. It contains many benefits that it adds very professional tone to the items where it is

embroidered on. However, that is the sole reason that they are embroidered on many items which

includes uniforms, or any other business items that require an identity for selling or promoting goods.

They are also in use for practical work. Most of the designs can be stitched on any kind of fabric, as long

as a proper stabilizer is being used. A beautifully and perfectly made design will enhance the beauty of

your fabric or any other item where it will be embroidered on! So, it is essential for you to get a

flawlessly done design by someone who’s a pro! However, by a fine quality Embroidery Machine any

type of design can be made with complete ease! All you need is a little practice and some patience and